Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Time

I love Christmas Time!!! I'm not a huge fan of the cold but its a small price to pay for all the wonderful holiday cheer that comes with it! I love all the lights and trees and decorations!! It makes the world seem like a happy beautiful place with no worries. And the gift giving... I love giving gifts... I work so hard to pick the perfect gift for each person on my list and it kind of drives me a little crazy but in the past couple of years I have gotten much better at not driving myself insane and knowing that no matter what I choose the people I love will love their gifts and that the time I get to spend with them in the process is much more important then any gift I can give them. Its a little strange this year because we're not putting up a tree since we're not going to be here on Christmas day and because we don't have a tree to put up. so while the stockings are hung the few decorations I have our displayed it still feels like something is missing. But this year we are spending Christmas in Nebraska with Blaine's side of the family and while I am so excited to spend more time with that side of the family and all the little nephews (and secretly hoping the niece will arrive while were there) I am going to miss Christmas with my family very much... I've never missed it and it's going to be hard for me. But I know I'll enjoy christmas no matter where we are and as long as I'm with Blaine. I'm so excited to see what the Holiday brings this year! Now I just got to get the last of christmas shopping finished! I'm very close and I can't wait to be finished!! We'll that's all my ranting for now! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Man how life changes and so quickly. If you had asked me just three weeks ago that this is what life would be like I would have never believed you. But you know what... I'm so happy... life is different and sometimes its a little scary especially when we're talking money but I couldn't be happier. I have more time for the things I need to do... I have more time for my family... I have more time to just enjoy life and not stress over things I can't control. Life is good! Is life perfect... no will it ever be... probably not... but life is good! And I am so Happy! Starting work this week and couldn't be more excited! I'm so ready for this next chapter in my life and can't wait to see what Blessings it will hold for me!! God provides in the strangest ways but he always provides! I know this is a short post and really its just my ramblings but It's my way of remembering that things always get better no matter how bad they get to start with. And while things are great now I know that there may come a time where I need this reminder so this is my way of documenting it all so that if and when I need that reminder I'll have it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A light in the storm

I have been searching everyday for a light in the storm that is my life at the current moment. Everyday I have one small positive thing has kept me going and has given me some sense of positiveness. I know that God will always be there to help me through my toughest days and he will never give me more then I can handle but right now he is getting awful close. My job is kind of a mess and I am searching for a way out... hopefully it will be soon... however I'm taking a pretty good pay cut in doing this and while I know we can do it and God will provide it is terrifying!!! But I can't be unhappy like this any longer! Then tacked on top of all the stress and turmoil I feel from that whole situation comes the news about my grandma's cancer! I prayed and prayed and prayed for a positive outcome of that biopsy and of course as usual God had a different plan and it came back cancerous but not just cancerous a fast growing cancer that may cause her to have her bladder remove and could have possibly already spread past that. To say my heart is broken at this point is an understatement. My grandma is the most amazing woman I know. She has taught me how to be a strong christian independant woman. She taught me how to cook, how to bake, how to clean (well she tried LOL), she taught me how to work hard and how to turn away from bad situations. She has always been someone have admired so so much and just the thought that her years are numbered is killing me. I know I know she is grandmother their years are always numbered its a fact of life but it just seems so much closer now with the whole cancer thing. I know people beat cancer all the time and I know that she could go on a life 10 plus more great years but the fear has still gripped my heart and won't let go. I want her to be well and to be happy... I want her to be able to see my children when we have them. I just want more time... a lot more time! And with the job situation changing that is exactly what I plan to make... a lot more time! more time to visit before it's too late and I regret being too busy! But through it all I still try to find the light in the storm... I have an amazing supportive husband and an amazing family that I can always count on. And not to mention countless friends who have stood by me through so many things. These are all my lights in the storm that is my current life and I don't know where I would be if they were not in my life.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family of Four

Well its official we are a family of four! We now have an adorable little puppy names Gibbs and he is so much fun! It's def. a challenge and probably helping prepare us for children and the joy of getting up in the middle of the night! But we are loving every minute of it! Bella is not the biggest fan of the new pup but she is adjusting and they co-exsist pretty well. She def. doesn't run and hide thats for sure so they are pretty entertaining. So our family of four is pretty fun and we are very blessed! It has been a challenging couple of weeks with work and sickness and a death in the family. But through it all I have done my best to think of all the blessings in my life and remember that this too shall pass and god has a bigger plan for us all. Well that is my short little update of our new family but I'll leave with you a picture of the newest member of our family and i'm going to get back to my nice relaxing saturday with my hubby and the pets!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Never Adjusting

So the husband has been gone since yesterday evening before I even got off work and won't be back until around bedtime tomorrow and then leaves again on Wednesday and i will see him Friday but really he'll be engrossed in video games at his convention so there wont be a lot of seeing him. I am not a happy camper!! And people keep telling me oh you'll get used to it after a few years of marriage it won't be a big deal yadda yadda. NO! I won't ever get used to my husband being gone. I dont like it not one little bit. I haven't slept alone since we got married and frankly a big house with just me and the cat is a little scary! And my husband is TERRIBLE at answering his phone so not only is he gone but contact is limited and I am just not a very happy camper about any of it. I know I'm a big baby but hey there is a reason I married someone with a super stable very limited traveling job so I didn't have to deal with this stuff... and what does he do goes and gets certified to scuba dive and signs up for video game conventions! BOO! Ugh Just ready for the this to be done and go back to normal... I probably wouldn't be as blah about it all if we had like seen in eachother in the past two week but yeah lets be honest its been crazy. Starting two weeks ago I had group on monday and didn't get home till bed, tuesday was the american idol concert so again not home till bed, saw him wednesday and thursday, friday was my jewelry party so he hid most of the evening, got to see him saturday and sunday but then monday came and he had scuba so didn't get home till bed, tuesday was the same thing, wednesday he was home, thursday scuba didn't get home till bed, friday left before I got off work and now here we are. Probably not as bad as it feels but when your used to spending every evening hanging out it really sucks when all this happens at once! So there is my whining... if you actually endured the whole thing and dont think i'm a complete baby I appreciate you. If you do well blah I dont care cause I miss my hubby!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I want to be when I grow up?!?!

Yes I am 24 years old and I still don't have the answer to that question. I have thought that I had the answer several different times but alas I am once again at a loss for words when I think about this question in my current life. Lets start from the beginning... Once upon a time I went to this wonderful christian university which I wouldn't take back for anything... well this lovely university of mine decided that my .02 below their standard GPA wasn't good enough to student teach therefore flipping my life plan upside down. And since this lovely university had already emptied my wallet and then some I took the route of Liberal Arts and got out of dodge. All the while thinking maybe I dont want to teach... so in the mean time what have I been doing... Teaching... two years but still.... then about a month or so ago i decided that it was time that i see about pursueing my original goal of teaching again and I applied for my alternative certification... well of course my luck being what it is... I was told yeah your degree isn't good enough you're gonna have to do better... so now I'm back to the age old question of what I want to be when i grow up? I still think i want to teach but its the getting there that has gotten very frustrating. I thought about getting a masters... neither program i want will admit me without a teaching certificate... so I thought i'd go to a different university and see if they would accept most of my credits and let me student teach after a semester... they wont let me talk to anyone who can really answer these questions until I apply for admission (GAY). So now I've emailed my original university to see if they will write a letter stating I have enough coursework completed to classify as a Focus but then they want me to have two years experience in the field which makes no since cause I dont really know how you get experience teaching science without being certified to teach science... which brings me back to being at a loss for the answer to the question. How many roadblocks means that this is not God's plan, how many times to I try before i say hey maybe this isn't for me. If its not for me... well then what is? I think thats the scariest question cause honestly I have a clue what the answer to that would be. For the girl who usually has it all together... I've got nothing! BOO!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So we decided today that we would but a sunday newspaper to see what kind of coupons are in those bad boys! Man were we excited to find so many coupons of things we actually use... I see all these coupons shows and blogs but it always seem to be about saving a bunch of money on things that i dont use or dont need 20 of so I wasn't really all about taking so much time to get coupons for stuff we dont need cause even if it was cheaper it seems like a waste of money but we were pleasantly surprised that we found so many coupons for stuff we actually use and stuff that we were running low on so we actually need!!! So we spent the morning clipping coupons from the paper and finding other coupons online and a little reading up on the local stores coupon policies and then it was off to the stores we went and when all was said and done we save just over $53!! And only spent $77! Now while this doesn't sound nearly as impressive as the people who save like hundreds of dollars when the spend nothing on a $300 purchase. But like I said all of the stuff we bought we will use in the near future so i'm pretty proud of us! And every little bit helps! So i think I'm gonna be a couponer from now on but it wont be nearly as intense as though people on TV!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update on Life

Well it's been a while so I thought I would update this little blog of mine. Things have been busy around here between work and church and family functions and birthdays.... but it has been super fun. We spent the long holiday weekend in Nebraska with Blaine's family and had so much fun!! We got to spend some time with both of our little Nephews and just had so much fun soaking up all the love we could get. Both sisters are expecting and one is even expecting twins so we are very excited for the growing family!!! No worries my friend I am not making it three for three anytime soon... everyone is just gonna have to wait a while for a little Shannon and Blaine cause we are just not ready for that yet! We are however going to be getting a puppy pretty soon and we couldn't be anymore excited but we just had our little Kitty Bella fixed and declawed so were waiting to get her all healed up before we bring her a playmate! Work is still not the most exciting thing in the world for me but it pays the bills and I do love my kiddos! After a lot of talk this weekend about the whole alternative certification stuff I think I'm going to go ahead and apply for it... like Blaine's mom put it.... its $50 bucks that could change the rest of your life... so we'll see... Hoping to get lots of work done in the flower beds this week/weekend and maybe even get some more things organized before going into the attic. Oh the joys of owning a home...the list of things to do is never ending but it is ours and I love it!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Man I never thought a house that wasn't even our three weeks ago could feel like Home already!! Its amazing and I love it! I know I need to get some pictures up we've just been focused on getting everything else done but I think were about done with all the decorating (for now) so hopefully this weekend I can get some pictures taken and up! But we absolutely love being in our house! I love working in the yard! And I never thought I would say it but I actually kinda enjoy cleaning the house! My house has stayed clean for an entire two weeks since we've moved in and got it cleaned up from moving... I can't believe! I will be the first to admit that I am not the best housekeeper in the world but something has flipped in my head because now I won't go to bed with dishes in the sink, i wipe down the kitchen everyday I always keep the living room picked up... I keep up with laundry... It's weird but I love it!! I could have people just pop in and I wouldn't be mortified that my house was a mess! Now if only my husband had made this same switch in his brain... nope I have to pick up after him but hopefully he'll catch up LOL!!! I know wishful thinking!! Well thats my little update. We love being homeowners, I love having a beautiful Clean house, and I can't wait to have my whole family on Monday for a birthday gathering and so they can all see the new place! I'm super excited to show everyone our new home and to cook for my family! I'm so much like my grandma its scarry! LOL!! Oh well I love it!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wow what a weekend it has been and the next few weeks are going to be just as crazy! We officially have moved and are living in our new home! I love it! I love everything about it! And the best part is its ours!! It was a long morning saturday getting it all moved and we've been getting stuff unpacked and what have you all day but its been great. There are still a few odds and ends at the old place that we need to get and we still have the lovely task of getting it all clean but we have till the 22nd to turn in our keys so we have time. I think my favorite part was working out in the yard today... it was so beautiful this evening that I watered all our plants while Blaine mowed and it was just so great! I can't wait to really get going on our flower beds and just being able to look at all the prettiness and saying... Hey I did that!!! Its just been such a blessed weekend and I know that without God we would have never been able to do this and I'm so very very thankful for that!!! I Hope to get some pictures once we get everything all set up and cleaned up.... which considering my Mother-in-law and another guest will be here Thursday... will be by then! LOL!! Like a said a long couple of weeks but I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Its official... we are homeowners!! I can't believe it!!! It was such a smooth process and I am so thankful for that. I have heard so many horror stories about closing on a house and all the things that can happen so I super nervous all the way up to closing but it was smooth sailing and we are so Thankful! God has truly Blessed us through this whole process and with this home!!! We became the painting yesterday beginning with the dining room ceiling. They had all the rooms and ceiling all one color (in each room) however for the kitchen and dining room I thought that having yellow walls and ceilings was a little bit too much so we painted the ceiling white and began the walls in the pretty yellow! So excited! I have been dreaming of a Yellow Kitchen for as long as I can remember... i know its strange but thats the one thing I have always known i've wanted. So its finally coming true and I'm so happy!!! Today a bunch of our wonderful friends and family are coming to help paint the remaining rooms that we are doing at this point. We decided to paint the kitchen and dining room, the master and master bath. There is a guest room that is dark blue that we want to paint as well but since its going to be the extra extra room we decided it could be a weekend project once we get all moved and settled. And the entry way is possibly getting painted in that weekend project but we'll see I'm waiting to see if the red color it is now will grow on me... but i'm not so sure LOL!!! So it shall be a long day of painting but I'm sure it'll be fun with all our friends and family there to help. The only down side is the fact that The water got shut off before we were able to get it switched into our name and when we called it was too close to closing time that they wouldn't let us set it up so we are without water till Monday... LAME! Should be pretty interesting! Well I'm off to take a little nap before all the painting... up early to see Blaine off since he is driving to KS city today with my dad to pick up our entertainment center that his grandparents gave us. So now i need a nap before all the painting.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

One more week

Its hard to believe that this time next week we will be homeowners and we will be beginning the process of turning what once was someone elses home into a home of our own. We are going this morning to buy all the paint supplies we'll need for the big Paint Party next saturday! Thats right Paint Party... If were painting its gonna be fun so why not get some pizza and drinks and have a bunch of friends over blast the music and paint away!! It'll be fun and a great memory that we'll always have. I'm just so excited and feel so blessed that we've been able to do this whole thing. So many people I've talked to you are amazed that we are able to buy a house so early in our marriage and I just feel so blessed that this is the case. Could we have waited and saved even longer and what have you sure... but this was the choice for us and we are so excited!!! It's going to be so fun to decorate and make it our own and then to one day bring home a child of our own!! It just amazes me when i think about how fast things have changed and how we began our journey and where we are now. Five years ago if you would told me that in five years you'll be out of college, married, buying a house, and having baby fever I would have committed you into a mental hospital because you were crazy!!! And here I am doing all of those things and so blessed by it all.
On another note the custody battle that my brother has been in is finally coming to an end... they've worked with lawyers and what have you and have come to an agreement so very soon we will begin having our little boy back for visits and I could not be happier. I haven't seen him since Christmas and that breaks my heart! Its truly and answered prayer that is is finally all coming to an end!! THANK GOODNESS!!!
Well thats my life right now... thankful, happy, slightly stressed by work and packing, but if there wasn't a little stress in my life it just wouldn't be me LOL!! Now I'll leave you with a picture of our standing in front of our soon to be home!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY Dreams

There are so many blogs out there all about DIY projects and it makes me really want to try my hand at some of these projects which makes me even more anxious to get into our house so that I have a reason to do these projects! We are three weeks away from our closing date and we are so excited!! I just can't believe that before long we will be homeowners and we will really be able to make a home for ourselves and I am so excited!! And of course I already have lots of ideas on some projects that I would love to try to add special little touches to our home! And of course the outside of house is one part that I'm super excited about because with the help of my mom we are going to have a gorgeous garden and I can't wait. I think every time we talk she has a new plant idea... I think she's as excited as I am to make our garden beautiful! And the best part is she told me I could have some of my favorite flowers that I didn't think would work! :) Its gonna be great and I can't wait!! Changes Everywhere and lots of excitement along the way! Now here are a few projects that I can't wait to get my hands on!

How Beautiful is that! I just love the way it looks and I know that I can do that with a goodwill find and a can of spray paint!

GENIUS!!! Re-use the empty cereal box to make an awesome magazine holder or file holder for your office! I'm totally going to be doing this when I re-organize and decorate the office in the new house and I am so excited about it!

Those are just two of the projects that I am super excited about trying my hands on... yes they are super simple but since I am new at the whole DIY project I thought simple would be good to begin with! Of course there are lots of things that i think would be great that involves sewing but I am not a sewer... something I plan to learn but for now I'll stick to glue! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


WE CLOSE A MONTH FROM YESTERDAY!!! I can't believe it! A month from now we are going to be HOMEOWNERS!!! WOW I'm such a grown - up now LOL!!! We purchased our refridgerator and washer and dryer yesterday and set the delivery date... I started to have a small panic attack thinking about all the money that we have now and that a month from now we won't have anymore but I guess thats kind of the way it works even though I'd much rather have the house and still have all the money in the bank LOL!! Oh if only the world were like my dreams! I'm no longer drowning in paint colors instead I'm swimming slowly to the shore... hopefully soon i'll reach it. Now for the packing to begin and hopefully to keep the apartment clean for the next month so it will make life easier.... YEAH RIGHT!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

April Overload

Well we are a little over a month away from closing on our house and it still just seems so unreal. The inspection was on thursday and it went great, just a few minor things that they need to fix and then its good to go so we were very pleased about that. And the most exciting part for me was the fact that the sign out front says SOLD! I plan to take a picture of Blaine and I by the sign on Friday when we take both of our moms to see the house. I just can't wait to get in there and make it a home for the two of us although I will say I think I might miss the closeness of our apartment and never really have to walk around to find eachother because no matter where you are in this place you're within ear shot LOL! It'll be an adjustment but its def. one that I'm happy to make! Next week Blaine's mom is coming down to see the house and help us pick out some appliances and even maybe even start the packing process because lord knows we need to start that since neither of us are currently planning on taking any time off work to move. My boss did tell me that I could if I needed to so its in my thoughts of maybe taking a couple days off when we really get to move so that I can get things settled. I feel like there are so many things going on in April that my head is kind of on overload. We close on our house on the 1st, Blaine's mom and I are going to the women of faith conference on the weekend of the 15th, easter is the weekend of the 24th and I was originally hoping to be able to go spend easter in Nebraska with Blaine's family, and then the rattlesnake hunt (I know it sounds scary but its family tradition and we don't hunt the snakes) is the weekend of the 30th which is also the weekend right before our 1 year anniversary which falls on a monday LAME! So I feel pretty overloaded for the month of April since with all that going on we also have to paint a house and move and get settled in. Its my goal to be in and settled by our anniversary. This is mainly because with all the money that is going towards the house our plans of a weekend away is probably not going to happen so I don't want to spend my anniversary unpacking or surrounded by boxes I'd rather spend it in my HOME! Well I guess thats my ramblings for now... we are so excited about this next step in our lives together and we know that we are so blessed to have so much support from both of our families it has been an awesome time for us and we are so excited to see what lies ahead!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Oh my goodness it has actually happened! We are buying a house! We put an offer in yesterday and they came back with a great counter today so we accepted and will be closing on our house on April 1st! I am so excited!!! I can't wait to paint and decorate and just really create a home for us and the children that are in our future! I have pictures of the house but I dont want to post pictures of other peoples stuff in our house so I'll just show you the front and let you imagine the rest until we get to put all of our stuff in the house!
Isn't it pretty!!! We're so excited and can't wait to get everything in this place! Now to start thinking about packing and all the other lovely things that go along with moving! But since its to a house this time it's totally going to be worth it!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A better place

Today my heart is heavy because last night we got a call telling us that my Grandma (on my dad's side) passed away. She was around 96 years old and suffered a stroke a few years back which caused her to have dementia. So she didn't know anyone and couldn't do much for herself so we all know that she is in a much better place now but that never seems to make it any easier. I didn't spend a lot of time with this grandma because she lived in kansas and my dad was never very close to his side of the family but family is family. I have been telling my self for months that I needed to go with my dad sometime and see her because I can't really remember the last time I was up there and we all knew she wouldn't be with us a lot longer but life seemed to get in the way and I just didn't make the time and now I feel terrible. I know she wouldn't have known me but at least I would have been there. She never got to meet Blaine and see what kind of woman I grew up to be. But I know she knows now and she remembers us now and she's without any pain. I just wish I could drive to my parents and give my dad a great big hug cause although i'm sure he isn't showing it I know he is hurting. He Lost his dad when he was 4 so its just been his mom practically his entire life. And although he wasn't super close to his family in the last few years and really even months he has realized that the past didn't matter and family was important. I'm thankful that he was able to go up there just last week and see her before she passed and I know he is thankful for that also. So today on yet another snow day I have a heavy heart and I have regrets which I very rarely have but I do now. Please pray for my family in this time of mourning and pray that we will all be able to travel to kansas safely once the funeral arrangements are made so that we can be there to say our goodbyes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well its officially a Snow Day for me and the Hubby and I am so excited! I don't know what it is about snow days that I love so much considering I'm not a huge fan of snow. I think its probably just because its a day off in the middle of the week and lets be honest we all like those when we get them! I don't think we've gotten a ton of snow as of yet but everything is most def. white outside. Of course though no matter what day it is my lovely body still wakes up at 6 in the morning or even before! Oh well just means more relaxing time to enjoy my extra day off! I plan to read and watch lots of movies and just simply enjoy time with my husband! We just had a weekend sure but there is just something about that extra unexpected day that is so much more enjoyable! Although I will say this Snow Day is making me miss my college days! Man the Ice storm we have my junior year of College was AWESOME!!! We packed like 7 people in our apartment for like three days and made forts and played games and just had a blast even without the electricity! It was so fun and it made the fact that we were stuck inside with no power so much more enjoyable. Oh well I'll reminisce on the college snow days while enjoying one with my hubby! We'll make our own new memories! And i sure do enjoy making new memories with my Hubby! We've been together for over four years but we make new fun memories everyday and I love it! Valentines days is coming up... yeah not my favorite holiday although it is the anniversary of when we got engaged but still just not my favorite! Probably won't do anything too special... maybe a double date with our best friends like last year! Which is always a blast! Maybe I'll use some of my time today to think of something special I can do for the hubby on Valentines.... Any suggestions?! Ok well I think that is all of my ramblings this time around! Hope everyone enjoys there snow day!! I know I will!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lack of sick sleep

I don't why my body likes to be so difficult but it always seems to not want to let me sleep like I should especially when I am ill. My nose at this current moment hates the rest of my body and I am taking everything I know to take to reunite them as quickly as possible. But since I am troubled in the sleeping department I thought why not update the blog that i have neglected for the last couple of weeks. And sadly I must update that I have failed every single new years resolution! I tried but then it was like one day off and then it just never got back on track... maybe I'll try to restart once this illness is past me. However, I am proud to report that I have been very dedicated and successful in my 21 day fast from soda and sweets! It has been difficult and I pretty much crave something everyday but I fight the urge by eating fruit or something that has a bit of natural sugar in it. I just have to make it to MONDAY!! And then I will have survived the 21 day fast! And sadly I have nothing but pride to show for it. Yes I love what it has done for my will power and i truly have prayed for strength in times of real craving however I was slightly hopeful that just maybe I lose a couple of pounds with this change and then that would kick start me wanting to make it more and exercise and what have you. Well I fail... I lost maybe a pound and that is very saddening to me. Several years ago my mother dropped like 30 pounds just by giving up soda and doing simple stretches... but apparently I am not like my mother as much as I think at least in that sense. But at least I have broken my caffeine addiction which was a big goal and task! So I don't plan to go back to drinking a lot of soda and eating a lot of sweets but on occasion I will enjoy those bubbles and a soft goey brownie! Well I guess thats all for now I guess I'll try to sleep... maybe in the recliner will help but we shall see.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1

Well I think I would classify week one as a success even though it was not 100%. My fast is def. a success I have not had sweets or soda for the entire week... it has been difficult but I have done it! I have also done decently on my resolutions, we have gone to church and plan to this morning as well, I have read my bible everyday but one and plan to make up the reading today, but of course I failed at the working out. I had every intention of working out on thursday but something happened and I ended up with a rash and didn't think it was a good idea to sweat with it so we'll give the working out thing another go next week. I have decided that in order to really complete my resolutions I need to take the year a week at a time so that is what I plan to do. This week was pretty good and I hope that the weeks to come are just as good or even better! Blaine and I started looking at houses yesterday and it was so fun and exciting! We are really in agreement with what we are looking for and we are so pleased with the realtor we are using because she did a great job finding things that have all our criteria so now its just about finding the right one. We looked at 6 houses three were great three not so much but nothing was the one so the search continues and we are excited!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Before Week 1

So were in week one of the new year but since its only Monday I don't really have much to update about my resolutions although I have so far been successful at attending church (it was a great service) and reading my bible and praying! These two resolutions really are the most important so I'm pretty proud of myself! The workout is on the schedule... and being a better housekeeper... well I'm still working on it but so far I'm not being all that successful... I think this may be the hardest one for me to achieve... It's just not in my blood people. So if my resolutions are off to a slow start and I don't have a lot to update why I am.... well its because of that wonderful church service I went to yesterday. In honor of the New Year our church did a sermon all about putting God First in everything we do. We should put him first in our day, in our week, in our month, and even in our Year. And to achieve the Year our church has decided to partake in a 21 day fast. Now this is not 21 days of eating nothing (obviously not a good idea) but instead there are a variety of different fasts. The staff at church along with several others I'm sure they are partaking in what is called a Daniel Fast because its what Daniel did in the bible but it basically means all you eat is fruits, veggies, and juices... no meat and no Dairy.... this would be very difficult for me and since I've never done a fast before I've decided to not start off that extreme. Instead I'm going to fast from Soda and from sweets. Now this is going to be a HUGE Challenge!! I love sweet things and have a sweet tooth that gets me every time but even more then that I am addicted to caffeine... A few days without caffeine and I have a headache that makes me want to cry... this is not good and a habit I've tried to break several times so I hope with the whole church behind me and in this together I can break that habit and succeed in this 21 day fast... WHICH STARTS TODAY!!! So no worries I enjoyed a rt 44 vanilla Dr.Pepper yesterday hopefully that will get me through the 21 days... I'll keep you updated!