Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26 weeks/ memorial day weekend

Oh what a three day weekend we had!!! I started out friday getting to see one of my former nanny families and had a wonderful time just catching up with them and seeing how big that little man has gotten in just the few weeks I have been away from them. Then off to Del City I went to spend some time with the Jones and work on wedding stuff with Olivia. We got quite a bit accomplished and we are just getting closer and closer to her big day!! While I was doing this once blaine got home from work he did wonderful things like mowing the lawn and cleaning house to get ready for my birthday party that we had on saturday!! It was wonderful to have things taken care of... he even let me sleep in on saturday while he mowed the back yard!! It was awesome!! The party was a blast and so great to see all our friends that we don't see all the time. Then sunday we spent the day running a few errands here and there, being lazy, and  doing a few things around the house... nothing super special. Monday pretty much the same thing we got to work on things around the house of course there is always more to do but I am feeling better about it all everyday!! And thats a good things considering my in laws will be here thursday evening. The house is clean in all the public areas... we are just lacking in our private areas or rooms we don't ever use but we're getting there. Now if only we could get it all done so we can focus on painting the nursery so i can order some furniture I would be a really happy camper!!! One step at a time I guess. Oh and we spent part of Monday with the Killebrews swimming and enjoying a meal together... the usual for us in the summer time... we shall see if it stays that way with two babies and another one not far behind.... our little group just keeps growing!

How far along? 26 weeks 

Updates on baby: Well now our little girl is the size of a head of lettuce! It is so strange to think of her in size of fruits and vegetables because I feel like she feels much bigger than that or at least I guess I feel much bigger than that LOL!! 

Symptoms/Body Changes:  Just the back pain that seems to be never ending these days. That and the fact that I can't seem to sleep well for the life of me... I move from the bed to the couch or vice versa at least once a night because one or the other is more comfortable depending on the night. But really I would like to be able to get a few more good nights of sleep before the baby arrives because lord knows it'll be awhile after she is here! 

Movement: Lots and lots of movement! Some are a little different everyday. I don't know how people know what it is they are feeling like its a kick or a hand or the hiccups or whatever. I just know for sure when she rolls that is the strangest feeling ever! But I love it! 

Cravings/Aversions: Still can't eat eggs, and I think my sweet tooth is growing but I've got to keep that in check so I can keep the weight in the goal! 

Getting ready for baby: Haven't done much this week, been preparing for my in laws to come in town tomorrow so that hasn't bee on our list of things to do this week. 

What I miss: Sleep... good solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep... Blaine told me today that I'll sleep good again one day and I laughed and told him maybe when our child is Five LOL! 

What I am looking forward to: I just want to have things together and get to the finish line! 

Weekly wisdom: got nothing this week again... sorry! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

25 weeks

Well it has been an interesting last couple of weeks for sure. Had my birthday on Monday and lets just say as far as the actual day goes I'd rather just not think about it anymore but my party is on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with friends who we don't see all the time! I also find it kinda cute that I became 25 weeks pregnant the same week I turned 25 :) so fun!!! Well nothing else is really new at least not on the positive side of things so I'll just get straight to the baby update!

How far along? 25 weeks 

Updates on baby: Little Baby Peyton is the size of a head of cauliflower!! She is getting bigger and bigger!! Went to the doctor on Monday and everything checked out great. She is measuring right on track and everything looks great so we are very very pleased! 

Symptoms/Body Changes:  Back pain still, not constant but consistent. Also this every growing belly is starting to get in the way... I find myself standing too close to things and bumping things because I'm just not used to having a belly that sticks out so far! 

Movement: She is still a little gymnast/karate kid/ballerina in there. On my birthday I dont think she stopped moving all day! It was like she was telling me Happy Birthday and that everything would be ok! Love it! 

Cravings/Aversions: No change here, no real cravings until I hear about something or see something on tv and still can't eat eggs. 

Getting ready for baby: We have officially started the painting process!!! We had two walls primed with the first coat and hopefully will have the rest finished before the weekend! Its slowly coming along! 

What I miss: I miss being able to do things that are perfectly normal to do but now since I'm pregnant i'm not allowed, like using step stools and ladders, painting without people questioning me every two seconds, riding a fourwheeler, you know all those types of things! 

What I am looking forward to: I just want to get things painted and get some furniture I'm excited to start seeing how our little girls room is going to look all put together!

Weekly wisdom: got nothing this week! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

23 weeks

23 weeks pregnant... wow  that's almost 6 months... it still seems like yesterday that we found out that we were going to be having a baby and now I'm more than half through and have the reminder everyday that there is another life growing inside of me. I never thought as a girl growing up that I would really want to have children of my own, the thought of being pregnant and giving birth terrified me so I was never really a big fan of the idea. However, when the time came I truly believe that God prepared my heart... he knew my fears and hesitations and he took them away and put the desire in my heart to be a mother. I wanted to finally experience that Joy and love that I watched everyday as mothers pick their children up from my care. So after years of never thinking I would want children I finally had the desire and it was strong and constant. It was a little while before Blaine agreed that the timing would never be perfect to have a child and that there would always be reasons not to do it so we made the decision that we would start trying. And trying well didn't really happen because just after we decided we would start trying I mean like the next day we found out I was pregnant LOL!!! I'm telling you God knew his plan so he put the desire in my heart and prepared me for what he already knew was coming. I truly truly believe that and I am so very very blessed and grateful for that. Now I also believe that God knew why i was so fearful of being pregnant and giving birth and he has been gracious enough to make this pregnancy SUPER easy for me. I mean don't get me wrong it still has its moments but for a woman that is almost 6 months pregnant and I haven't thrown up one single time or even really thought I was going to I'd say that is pretty impressive and very very lucky!! But I once again just think that its God working his plan. I believe he has more children planned for us and he knew if this pregnancy was difficult that I probably wouldn't desire to do it again. So really it has all been in gods plan as usual. I learned a long time ago not to make plans because most of the time God will just change it to fit his own plan anyway and his is always way better than you could have ever imagined. So here I am 23 weeks in, excited, still slightly fearful of labor like I think most women are, and nervous all at the same time! I want things to be perfect for this little girl and I want to be the best mommy I can be and that all makes me nervous but I know that it'll all work just the way God has it planned to so I let that calm my nerves and just let me be excited!!  

How far along? 23 weeks 

Updates on baby: I think i've gotten mixed up on the fruit sizes, every website seems to be different but this week it says she's the size of a grapefruit. When we were at the special doctor on tuesday they said she was measuring about a pound and 4 ounces. She was measuring right on schedule give or take a few days and looking great! They did an Echo on her to exam her heart more closely since I have a history of defect and so far so good! Which i was so relieved to hear!! I go back every 4 to 6 weeks from here on out to check her heart and growth just to keep it all closely monitored. 

Symptoms/Body Changes:  Back pain, this has really set in this week I think my hips are moving which is causing the pain but its just not very fun at all. Other than that its just the ever growing belly. 

Movement: So its funny how I was so frustrated that I couldn't feel this little girl moving for the longest time it felt like and now she is def. making up for that. Yesterday I could have swore I had the karate kid in my belly! She was being crazy! But I wouldn't change it for anything!!!
Cravings/Aversions: still no real cravings but I will say that I do really have an aversion to eggs now. And really i've had it since week 5 or 6 but now its to the point where I don't know that eggs will ever sound good again. 

Getting ready for baby: Not a whole lot new on the prep however, we have decided exactly how we are going to paint the room we just have to get the paint and get started. Also our STROLLER came in! Of course my in laws ordered it for us and without thinking had it shipped to their house but they will be down the end of this month and bring it with them. I am so excited!! 

What I miss: I dont really know what I miss this week. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy just being pregnant as much as I can for someone who knew for the get go that no matter how easy the pregnancy i wouldn't really enjoy it. 

What I am looking forward to: Right now I'm looking forward to getting the room painted and all set up and to our baby showers! I can't wait to celebrate with all our friends and family and just enjoy getting everything ready for little miss Peyton. 

Weekly wisdom: God is always in control! Pregnant or not we should always remember that! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2 years and going / 22 weeks

Two years ago today I woke up on what can only be called the most special day of my life up to this point. I was nervous, excited, and ready for the journey ahead but never in my wildest imagination could I have known exactly what was to come. I spent the day getting ready and watching the most amazing women I know get ready and help me, I cried, I laughed, I was in awe and then I married my Best friend and it was the best decision I have ever made! I can't believe what the last two years have brought us but we are so blessed and so excited for the future to come!! And I am amazed that the future is already so bright for us with the fact that just a few months from now we will have a beautiful little baby!! It just makes smile when I think about this fact and when I remember where we started and how far we have come!!! With all that being said I guess its time for my weekly baby update!

How far along? 22 weeks

Updates on baby: I've been using the fruit comparison but sometimes they don't make since to me LOL! This week our baby is the size of a papaya but last week it was a cantalope... isn't a cantalope bigger than a papaya? 

Symptoms/Body Changes:  This is all about the same... I have been having more and more back pain... its still not bad but it is def. more than it used to be. 

Movement: FINALLY!!! This is no longer my area of frustration because I can feel her kick and move and Blaine even got to feel her a couple times and it has just been so wonderful! It is def. a weird feeling but so amazing all at the same time!

Cravings/Aversions: Yeah still no cravings I just know what I want when I hear it or what I don't want when I hear it but thats about it. 

Getting ready for baby: Room is completely clean and ready to be painted, Gibbs is officially free of the Kennel which means we can get it out of the room, and we bought her bedding last night so we can go and get the paint... things are moving right along! OH and my MIL order our stroller :) So excited!  

What I miss: I miss my normal summer clothes and being able to shop for cute CHEAP summer clothes right now... I see things I want and would love but sadly they aren't for maternity! I love the maternity clothes I have but I still miss my normal summer clothes...its the  one season that I actually like buying clothes for! 

What I am looking forward to: Yeah this hasn't changed I still just want to see and hold my baby!! I just want to hold her in my arms and know that she is happy and healthy and just want to have my family all together!! 

Weekly wisdom: Always be prepared for the hormones... you think your doing good maintaining the mood swings and then someone tells you something that just makes you cry... it doesn't make sense it doesn't seem rational but its just the way it is!