Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 5 and seeing a difference!

I completed day 5 this morning and it felt great! Could tell that my endurance is gradually growing and just generally felt really good doing the whole workout! And I can already tell a difference in just these short five days. I doubt that anyone else can tell a difference yet but I wore a shirt today that I haven't been comfortable wearing since I've had Peyton and I felt great in it! And that to me is worth the world!! If this is the beginning of what is to come I am ready!!! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 4... Not good

Well I completed day 4 but I do not feel good about it at all. I just felt very off through the whole workout. I had to stop a couple of times... my balance was off, I didn't feel like I was doing any of the moves right and just didn't feel right at all. I have felt fine all morning... pretty tired since I was up once in the middle night with Peyton and then up much earlier than normal with her as well but other than that I've felt ok but during that work out I just felt off. I felt weak and out of energy and just generally not right. I am proud of myself for finishing because there were several times when I was just going to quite and tell myself I'll try again later... knowing good and well I would not try again later! But I finished it... maybe not strong but I finished it. Maybe that day off screwed me up... maybe I haven't had enough water the last couple of days... I just dont know but I dont like it! These are the days that usually would get me down and make me think that I can't do it anymore. Or I would tell myself well I guess I'll take a break and try again some other time and that some other time wouldn't come till MONTHS down the road. But I'm not going to let that happen this time! I'm just having an off day but I'm not going to let it stop from completing this challenge! Tomorrow is a new day and I can do this! I'm going to try to get some rest today, drink lots of water, and eat better than I did over the weekend so I can start with a fresh start tomorrow!
Now I know this is probably strange but I would like to ask you guys if you read my blog, leave a comment. Just a kind word or a story that motivates you. I need all the motivation I can get these days and it would really make my day to know I have people who are in my same shoes or that are rooting for me to succeed in this journey!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sundays off

Well I didn't work out today but I decided that Sundays are just a super busy day for us and that there is nothing wrong with taking one day off a week. I know the program is supposed to be 30 days straight but hey I am making it work for me and what works for me is one day off a week! I figure at this point I have gone from no workout to 6 days a week working out... this is definitely a big improvement LOL! But I will say that when I got dressed today I felt as if I could already see a bit of a difference. Now this may be my brain playing tricks on me but I just felt more comfortable in my clothes this morning and for me that is HUGE! Every since I had Peyton getting dressed has been a daily struggle... I don't like how anything looks, I try a billion things one before finally deciding on something and 9 times out of 10 it gets covered up with a hoodie anyway cause I'm still not really happy with my appearance. Well I ain't doing it no more folks! It is time that I enjoy getting dressed in the morning, time I look in the mirror and say hey this looks pretty good! And today was a step in the right direction and I like what the road ahead looks like. So I will be back tomorrow with an update on how day 4 goes but I'm pretty sure I'm going to rock it! Oh and the best part... I'm not nearly as sore today... so I guess you can work through it and it does actually get better! Woohoo!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It was actually a little easier!

Day 3 complete! Hubby even did it with me which was fun! It wAs nice to see that he even struggled with it and he's in the gym five days a week! And I like that he can tell me if my form is correct so I know I'm doing it right!
This morning when I woke up I was tired after a night of not great sleep and being up several times and my muscles were more sore than they have ever been in my entire life and I was not wanting to be friends with Jillian today! But Blaine said you can't have your reward if you don't finish the 30 days and I knew if I stopped I'd never finish! Now your probably wondering what reward... Well I don't know yet but I decided I needed to come up with something that I can look forward to that will help push me through these thirty days! When I decide what this thing will be I will let you know but for now the thought of anything was good enough!
So we put Peyton Down for a nap and it was workout time! To my surprise once I got going the soreness faded away and I was able to a little more and push a little harder than the previous two days! I was amazed that I could actually feel a difference! So today I am excited about what's to come and proud of what I've done this far!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Jillian!

Dear Jillian you are the devil! Your so perky and cheery as you only actually do half the work out that you are coaching us through! As you talk about fighting through it and feeling the burn I kind of just wish that you were actually feeling the same burn because then maybe you wouldn't be so dang chipper about it! I may have had a few words for you today during my workout but I hung in there and I felt that burn (unlike you)!
Shred victim!

Day 2 of 30 day shred is complete and as you may have guessed it was tough! But I finished! Paused a few less times than yesterday and still used modified moves but I like to think of the banner I found on Pinterest last night... Success is progress not perfection! That shall be the phrase that keeps me going! One step closer to a healthier me and some new clothes! Woot woot!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am going to succeed!

I use that title mainly because I need to say it as many times as possible so that I can always remember it and make it come true! Today I decided to give Jillian Micheals 30 day shred a shot. I watched the level 1 work out just to get a feel for it and decide if its was something that I felt like I could do without being discouraged. And I decided while I knew it was going to be challenging I felt like it was at least simple enough that I could do the work out without being discouraged by not picking up the moves quickly enough. So I went out and got me a set of hand weights and when Peyton went down for her last nap Blaine and I gave it go. I had Blaine do it with me so he could see what I will be doing so when I complain of being sore and tired he knows exactly why! Plus I wanted him to tell me if I was doing the moves properly! I am so proud of myself because I finished the whole thing! I did pause a couple times for a few seconds and I used the modified moves but gosh darnit I did it! I'm exhausted and I already know that I'm going to be feeling it in the morning but I DID IT!!! Let me give you a little back ground on my work out history... there isn't much but when I have tried videos and such I usually don't make it through the entire thing and then I'm discouraged that I don't try again! Once or twice I've tried for a couple days in a row but after a couple days and I still couldn't really finish it I just gave up. So the fact that I did the entire work out start to finish I am so so proud and it gives me the motivation I need to get up tomorrow and get to the work out! I'm going to do it! 30 days! I have decided to set a very small goal for this 30 days. I simply just want to fit into my prepregnancy jeans by the end of it!  I bought one size bigger jeans so that I could actually have some but refuse to buy anymore! And now the size bigger is a little too big but the smaller size is still just not comfy (or very pretty) so if by the end of this 30 days I can proudly and comfortably fit into my prepregnancy jeans I will be SOOO HAPPY!! So follow along as I can tell you just how much I despise ms Jillian through this journey it is sure to be pretty entertaining! And please give me some support I can use all of it that I can get!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Changes and some Adorable photos

 I know its been a little while since I'm posted and yes I realize my 20 day challenge that I was so excited about completely went to pot but thats life with a little one at home. Somedays she lets mommy be productive and somedays she doesn't but I wouldn't have it any other way. She turned 6 months old last week and I can't believe! It doesn't seem remotely possible that this precious little child has been in our lives for an entire 6 months but as the same time it doesn't seem possible that we've ever been without her. She is truly the light of our life! She is getting so active and fun these days and just constantly changing. She rolls all over the place and is so close to sitting up on her own its unreal! She has even began to make motions like she wants to crawl but just hasn't figured that out quiet yet! But man oh man does she have a little personality! Even the doctor noticed when we went this last week how active she was and how much personality she has! Peyton was all over the place trying to play with all the doctors instruments which then of course prompted the remark "well no wonder she's so tiny she never stops moving"! Finally the doctor is comfortable with her weight and has decided that she is just making her own curve! We decided that someone has to be the bottom number right? So our little princess is a perfect 12 lbs 4 oz and a lovely 25.75 in long! Long and Lean is this one! But she is growing steadily now! She of course had to have shots this time around but I can say that this was not nearly as traumatic as it has been in the past. She is a tough little girl! However the night after the shots and the following day were ROUGH in our house! It was a very long night snuggling with a tired and cranky child who only wanted to sleep while being held! The following day was pretty much the same until evening time rolled around and she finally started feeling better! Boy am I glad this is not a regular occurrence!
Now to the adorable photos! We took her six month photos this morning with a good friend of ours in Downtown OKC. I could not be happier with the way these pictures turned out and I can't wait to get the rest of them to show everybody! They are absolutely precious and I know I will cherish them forever! A big shout out to Nick Rutledge at NicRutphotography for taking these awesome picture for us! You should check him out on his facebook or at!

Look at that little sassy face! Yes she gets it from me... I can't deny it!

And those big blue eyes are straight from her daddy!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Update

Well my challenge got postponed a couple days since little miss had a little cold and needed some extra cuddles thursday and friday but I am proud of myself because while I didn't get the tasks done for those two days I still kept with all the new habits I started in the previous days and I still kept up with all my laundry for those days! This in its self is an accomplishment for me! So Monday I'll continue on with day 4 and just go from there so it'll be more like a 22 day challenge than a 20 day challenge but oh well as long as I get it done thats all I car about!
This weekend has been wonderful so far! Little Miss is feeling much better and we enjoyed a great day yesterday with family and friends! We started out the day having a good friend over for breakfast before we went out in search of a few photo props for Peyton's 6 month pictures. I made monkey bread for breakfast and it was delicious! I hadn't made it in such a long time I forgot how good it was! I also forgot how long it takes to roll all those little balls but it was totally worth it. It was fun for me to think about how in a couple of years Peyton will be sitting up on the counter helping me roll all the little balls! I just know we are going to have so may special memories in the kitchen together! After Breakfast we headed out to some thrift stores and some antique stores in search of an old wooden crate/basket or an old vintage suitcase! We only had to go to two stores before BINGO old vintage suitcase for only 10 bucks! It has a broken latch but since were only using it as a prop for pictures we didn't need it really to be fully functioning! Then later in the evening I checked out a basket my mom has and it will be perfect for a photo prop as well so winner! All props are taken care of and we just have to pick a date with good weather to get this pictures taken! So excited!
After we returned from our shopping trip my wonderful and amazing friend came and stole me away and took me to get manicures and pedicures and it was just what this momma needed!! This is def. something that is just not in our budget these days but it def something that I wish was in the budget! Maybe one day! So for my friend to come steal me and way and treat me to a little pampering I am forever grateful! Being a stay at home mom and a mother who is still nursing there is very little time away from my little one and I think we can all agree that sometimes you just need a little you time! So after the pampering I came home and then it was off to my little cousins third bday party where we spent time with family and watch the kids be kids and just had a good time together! Then a visit a the Jones' to wrap up the evening before heading home! It was an awesome awesome saturday! Some saturdays I enjoy being lazy around the house... but there are days where I just want to get out and do things and see people and this was def. one of them so it was the perfect saturday!
In store for today is grocery shopping, church, and dinner out with our life group! Sounds like a great Sunday hope everyone enjoys theres as much as I know I will!