Monday, October 25, 2010


So I decided that my Blog is BORING! No one comments... half the time I have to stretch to have things to write about.... what can i say I lead a very boring life... So i have a goal... I'm going to find a hobby if you have any suggestions I am completely open.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four years ago

Wow, four years sure do fly by when you are in love! Four years ago today Blaine and I started on this journey that is our lives together. We didn't know what was in store for us and could have never imagined from that day that we would end up here but it has been an awesome journey and I have loved every single moment of it. Its so funny to look back and think about how different life was when we first met and how many things have changed... the way we live, where we live, who our friends are, everything has changed. I mean there have been some constants but really everything is different. Here we are four years later and we're married in love and planning our future together. Its wonderful and its a blessing and I am so thankful for it. I just encourage everyone to keep in mind that even if you can't imagine something now doesn't mean that the decision you make or the people you meet wont change your life forever. Happy Anniversary Blaine I love you!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

FALL!! Changes!

Well Fall is officially here and you can feel it! I Love fall its my absolute favorite season!! It makes me sad that we only get a few short weeks of it here in Oklahoma before my least favorite season old man winter comes along! But I am going to soak in the fall as much as I can while its here thanks to my new patio furniture :)
Lots of things change in the fall, the weather, the leaves and for me this fall my job! I was offered a new classroom on friday along with a raise! I will now be teaching the Pre-K class and I am so excited! I love my little toddlers dont get me wrong but I am ready for a change and for some children that can talk to me! LOL! So today I will be spending the day trying to get things ready for my new class which very well starts tomorrow! :) Im super excited and can't wait to see what lies ahead!!