Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Time

I love Christmas Time!!! I'm not a huge fan of the cold but its a small price to pay for all the wonderful holiday cheer that comes with it! I love all the lights and trees and decorations!! It makes the world seem like a happy beautiful place with no worries. And the gift giving... I love giving gifts... I work so hard to pick the perfect gift for each person on my list and it kind of drives me a little crazy but in the past couple of years I have gotten much better at not driving myself insane and knowing that no matter what I choose the people I love will love their gifts and that the time I get to spend with them in the process is much more important then any gift I can give them. Its a little strange this year because we're not putting up a tree since we're not going to be here on Christmas day and because we don't have a tree to put up. so while the stockings are hung the few decorations I have our displayed it still feels like something is missing. But this year we are spending Christmas in Nebraska with Blaine's side of the family and while I am so excited to spend more time with that side of the family and all the little nephews (and secretly hoping the niece will arrive while were there) I am going to miss Christmas with my family very much... I've never missed it and it's going to be hard for me. But I know I'll enjoy christmas no matter where we are and as long as I'm with Blaine. I'm so excited to see what the Holiday brings this year! Now I just got to get the last of christmas shopping finished! I'm very close and I can't wait to be finished!! We'll that's all my ranting for now! Merry Christmas everyone!!!