Friday, April 27, 2012

Kicks and Giggles

I'm pretty sure that the blog world doesn't care all that much about the things I usually have to say here but I've decided this is the best way I can document things about this pregnancy and more than likely later on about being a mom and my beautiful baby so I hope the few of you that read this get some enjoyment out of my writings but if not thats ok too because I get the enjoyment out of them and I know I will later when I look back on them and remember these times.
So I have been feeling little girl move around here and there and I would get these feelings every now and then that I decided had to be her kicking or hitting me because there was just no other explanation and of course I love being able to feel her and just know she's there (even though these days it is getting very obvious). Blaine has tried many a time to feel her kick and I laugh at him and tell him Blaine you're not going to be able to feel it yet but yesterday it finally happened. First I was sitting here by myself watching TV while he was still at work and my hands were resting on my belly and out of no where I feel this Kick on both my belly and my hand... it was so cool. I immediately picked up the phone and texted blaine to tell him and Of course  he just wished he was here to be the one to feel it. Well I didn't feel much the rest of the day so I figured it  was kind of a fluke and Blaine wouldn't be able to feel her for a while still but then she really got moving around yesterday evening and I told Blaine to come try and feel her. So we sat on the couch and he just put his hand on my belly and pushed a bit cause you kind of have to irritate her sometimes to get her to really move LOL and low and behold he felt that awesome feeling of her kick. He was so excited and got to feel her several times it was just such an awesome experience and it makes me so happy that I can finally share more with Blaine. So much of pregnancy is just the woman the man can't feel things like we can, they don't really understand all the changes we go through, they help the best they can but for the most part its all us so to finally be able to share just a small bit of this child with him before she gets here makes me so happy!! I have a feeling most of our nights will be spent with his hand on my belly trying to feel more kicks and that is just fine with me!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

21 weeks and a dr. update

Well went to the ob this morning and everything is checking out well once again. Baby's heartbeat was at 165 (once the nurse found it) and I'm measuring at 23cm which is a little big but she said its within the range and she's not concerned about it at this point. I have an appt to have an Echo done on both me and the baby come the 8th of May and then I go back to the ob on the 22nd of May which means that it will be time for the dreaded Glucose test... not so excited about it but I know it's a necessary evil. On top of the glucose test they want to check my Thyroid as well because of my weight, i'm not gaining too much weight or anything but they just want to check to make sure there are no issues. So I guess thats all the doctor update now on to the baby!

How far along? 21 weeks

Updates on baby: This week it says the baby is about the size of a banana which doesn't really make sense to me considering it was a cantaloupe last week but i guess that's just the way it works LOL! 

Symptoms/Body Changes:  Still all normal just growing... the appetite does get a bit more some days but for the most part it has been normal which is good. I've been pretty comfortable for the most part so thats good but I know it'll change. 

Movement: Still the frustrating question... but I'm pretty sure i've felt it here and there... its not a ton and not necessarily everyday but for the most part at least once a day i feel it moving around or kicking me. 

Cravings/Aversions: Still no big cravings... I did just really want some chocolate cake last night but other than that its been pretty normal which is good because I figure the less cravings I have the better i'll be at keeping the weight gain to a minimum. 

Getting ready for baby: yeah still nothing on this front but we have a date set for our garage sale so I guess that's a step in the right direction. 

What I miss: My Brain! I hate the fact that I am so forgetful these days! It drives me bonkers becaue i usually have an awesome memory and I liked it that way! 

What I am looking forward to: I just want to hold my baby! 

Weekly wisdom: remember that you don't have the energy you once did and you need to rest more often because over doing it makes for a not so great day the following day LOL! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

20 weeks!! HALF WAY THERE!

Well I am officially at the half way mark of 20 weeks! I couldn't be happier to know that its half over and I'm half way to meeting our precious little child!! I know some women are just in love with being pregnant but I'll be completely honest... I'm not one of them and I knew from the get go I wouldn't be. Its a control issue I think, and 10 months of not really feeling in control of my own body is just not what I call enjoyable. Now don't get me wrong there are things I enjoy about the process but overall eh not really so fantastic... totally worth it but still not my favorite thing! Ok well enough of that rambling now on to the update!

How far along? 20 weeks

Updates on baby: Our little baby is now the size of a cantaloupe! No wonder things are becoming uncomfortable LOL!!! We went for a detailed sonogram last week and everything was measuring just the way it should and the heartbeat was at 154 which is good and they were just very pleased over all with how everything was progressing.

Symptoms/Body Changes: The ever growing belly! The on and off uncomfortableness, the tired before you even realize that you've done anything. All the normal stuff.

Movement: Ok now this whole topic has been very frustrating for me because its what people ask me all the time and until about two days ago i've had to tell them well maybe but i dont know LOL!! Am I the only first time mother that wasn't sure about what was a baby movement and what was a gas bubble or something. It's all new to me how am I supposed to know! But I'm almost 90% positive that i have felt her move and kick and such but hey I could be wrong LOL!! Via the sonogram we learned she is pretty lazy and very stubborn...wonder where that comes from :)

Cravings/Aversions: This really hasn't changed any i have no real cravings but I will say that smells have averted me from certain foods but its random, like we had Ted's mexican food one night with friends and i have of my plate and saved the rest for lunch the next day. When I open the box for lunch the next day I could not stand the smell and had to find something else to eat... weird I know!

Getting ready for baby: We've registered that about it.... but I fully intend to get moving on that room very soon!

What I miss: This is still the same, I would love to be able to go go go like I used to with having to rest every few minutes!

What I am looking forward to: I just want to get to the end and hold my baby at this point that's all i care about!

Weekly wisdom: Always write things down because if your like me your brain isn't functioning properly and you are super forgetful!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boy or Girl? and all the other updates

Well I thought it was time for a little update. We have been busy busy busy so far this month with one thing or another going on every weekend and just the normal general routines with some added extras during the week. Needless to say... all that energy people say you get back in your second trimester hasn't stood a chance to the schedule. But even with all the extra activities it has been a pretty good month thus far.
We started the month off by getting Mr. Gibbs fixed which of course we had hoped would calm him down a bit or at least for a few days while he was recovering... yeah right! This dog was back to full speed ahead the following afternoon and hasn't stopped since. So the week of time when we were supposed to keep him calm and only take him out on a leash and not let him jump on anything or run... yeah that lasted about four days and then we said well if it doesn't seem to hurt him I think he'll be ok because there was just no stopping that dog from doing what he wanted to do.
Then came Easter!! I must say I really love Easter and everything it stands for. Growing up we did Easter until I was about 10 years old probably and then my parents decided that my brother and I were both too old for the Easter bunny and there was no need to hunt eggs or do anything festive they just made sure to buy us a little candy so we at least had something special for the day LOL! But in all the years we celebrated Easter it was never about Jesus and what he did for us, it really wasn't till I was older that I understood the story behind the holiday. Well now that we're starting a family of our own I have big plans to make sure that these holidays are not only celebrated but remembered for what they really mean.
We had the pleasure once again this year of spending our Easter holiday with the Killebrew family! This family is so wonderful and I just appreciate them so much more than I could ever express. They are always so welcoming and just make us feel like part of the family! So we had a wonderful Easter lunch and then proceeded to have a big Easter egg hunt! And when I say big I mean there was only one child there so he hunted all by himself and then Mr and Mrs Killebrew hid approx. 170 eggs for us five adults to hunt... it is always entertaining to see who gets the most and to make sure we find every egg!
I couldn't help but think the whole time that Eli was hunting his little eggs all by himself that next year there will be Three children at our Easter festivities. Given my little on and Michelle's newest little one won't be quite big enough to do much hunting on their own but still it blows my mind to celebrate these holidays and think hey next year we'll have a child to celebrate this with!
Now that we've made it through the Easter holiday it was time for what I was looking forward to the most this month and that was having a sonogram done and getting to see our little baby! Well as most of you know if you read this blog at all (or at least have recently) we had a sonogram done while we were in Nebraska over spring break by Blaine's dad which is just the coolest thing ever that we can do things like that! Well I was only 16 weeks when he did the sonogram then but he was pretty positive that we were having a little Boy and we couldn't have been more excited! So for the next four weeks we progressed in baby planning and had a name picked out and had started our registry and all of that type of stuff. But I was still very excited for the sonogram to have another chance to see our little guy! Well low and behold our little guy is in fact a little gal! And not a very cooperative one at that which tells me she will have her mothers stubbornness which really should not surprise me at all since every single person in my entire family has it! So now we are wrapping our heads around the fact that its a girl and not a boy. I honestly would like to say I was just as excited to hear the news of it being a girl as i was when we thought it was a boy but I can't. And of course this already makes me feel like a terrible mother! But lets be honest, I know for a fact I would be much better at raising boys! And my daughter is forever doomed to be a farm country tom boy because that is really all I know!! But I am so very excited for a child no matter what the sex and couldn't be happier that everything is healthy and growing just the way it should! We go back in a month to have an echo done on both the baby and myself to make sure our hearts are both functioning just as they should. We are doing this because I had heart surgery when I was just a baby so we want to make sure there aren't any visible defects on the baby and that my heart is still functioning the way it should and it won't cause me any problems throughout the rest of my pregnancy and during delivery.
And now that we are to current day the thing I look forward to most is going to the farm this weekend for the rattlesnake hunt. There will be about 27 of us that are going up there from my family just to enjoy the glory of god's creation and to enjoy the wonderful family that he has blessed us with and we all look forward to it so much every year!! So thats my long winded update and I promise I will get some pictures up here soon so its not just words all the time!