Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just 6 weeks to go!

The last 8 months really have flown by but I can already tell that these next 6 weeks are going to creep along! Everything is ready for Baby Peyton to make her arrival all I need to do is finish packing the hospital bag and install the car seat. But other than that we are ready. I'm sure there will be lots of other little nesting projects I will do around the house in the next 6 weeks to keep me busy but as far as for preparing for the baby we are ready! Heck I've even done all my shower thank you cards and started filling out stuff in the baby book... I'm actually ahead of the game for once! But now that I'm all done I think i should have slowed down a little so that I could have more things to do in these next few weeks to help pass the time! oh well I'd rather be ready early than not ready when she decides to come ahead of time. My Dad had decided that she will be born on his birthday which is Aug 29 and that she will weight 8lbs 7ozs LOL! Now why this is funny that is so specific on his prediction its a bit scary because I kid you not from the day I told him I was pregnant he told me it was a girl. Even when we ALL thought it was boy he stuck by the fact that it would be a girl and he was right! So I guess we'll see how "physic" my dad really is LOL! But I asked him to change his weight prediction cause that just sounds like a big baby and a bit painful LOL! Well I don't really have anything else right now just wanted to update a little while I had the chance but I will leave you with the pictures of Ms. Peyton's finished nursery!

Looking into the room from the door. 

Look at the dresser and glider from the closet door.

Her Crib and Letters! 

Looking across the room from the glider. (picture is zoomed a little)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The closer I get to the due date of our sweet baby girl the more I wonder if I'll be as prepared as I would have hoped. Sure the nursery is almost finished, we have picked, toured, and preregistered at the hospital so when the day arrives we'll be ready to go and can skip a bunch of the paperwork! I already have a group in my phone of people to text when the time comes who will want to be informed of Baby Peyton's pending arrival. And I'm nesting a little more every day as far as the house is concerned. But I still just don't know that I'm going to be as prepared as I want to be. I know that I could never truly be completely prepared for the journey we're about to take, a newborn is a journey all its own and with every passing month it changes but I just want to be ready. I want to be the best mom I possibly can to this little life that I've had growing inside me for the past 7 months. I want to give her the best start in life that I possibly can and I want her to always know that she is loved beyond what any words can describe.
It's funny because I feel like at this point in pregnancy most women are becoming more fearful of the labor and delivery part of the journey, honestly that's the last thing on my mind. I know its going to hurt, I know I will have a few hours (hopefully thats all) of the most painful experience of my life, that doesn't scare me. Because I know when its done I will have my beautiful daughter in my arms and all that pain will go away and in just a few weeks time I won't remember how painful it was. All I'll remember is the prize I got at the finish line and she is worth every painful minute. I am more concerned about being prepared, being a good mom, hoping i can breastfeed the way I would like to, making sure she has everything possible to make her happy and comfortable. Teaching her as she grows, showing her how to live her life the way God would want her too. Showing her that there is so much more to life than just the everyday hustle and bustle. And all at the same time trying not to spoil her rotten so that she knows that the material things aren't what really matter. At this point it almost seems impossible!
Am I crazy? Surely I am not the only woman in the world who has these thoughts. I know I tend to be a little future orientated... its always been a flaw of mine. Why worry about today it's already here, I'd rather worry about tomorrow while I still feel like I have time to fix it if it needs it. But really am I the only one who does this?
I guess I just needed a little rant, clear my head of all the thoughts that have been building in them over the past few months as I prepare the best way I know for the arrival of our daughter. But I will say through it all I have had an amazing husband by my side. He may whine sometimes, he make joke when he probably shouldn't, but just the excitement he has at every appt., at each ultrasound when that first glimpse of her pops up on the screen. When he can feel her move and kick. He has already tried to have the two of them gang up on me. And man does his face light up each and every time we receive something that says anything about "I love daddy" or "Daddy's Girl" he is bound and determined that she is going to be a Daddy's girl and while I joke with him that she's totally going to be a mommy's girl it makes me soooo happy to see how much he loves her already and to know that he wants a Daddy's girl! I was never a Daddy's girl and honestly I dont know that my dad ever really cared one way or another (yes i know he loves me very much but thats not the point) so its just so fun to see Blaine's excitement. And I hope he does get his Daddy's girl but I hope she can be a bit of a Mommy's girl too!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nebraska Trip and Peyton's first baby shower

We spent most of last week in Nebraska enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends! We drove up tuesday and enjoy a home run derby at the baseball park and then watched what would have been a wonderful firework display! LOL! I say would have been because we all learned that there is such a thing as sitting to close. There was so much smoke, they were so bright I couldn't hardly look at them and there was ash and debris falling on us. Yeah we were about as close as you could get but they were pretty! It was just fun to hang out with all Blaine's family and their kiddos! We don't often get to spend a lot of time with those Kiddos and they are growing soooo fast so we always enjoy the time we do have with them.
Wednesday was the 4th of July and we enjoyed a fairly relaxing day of hanging and doing a little bit of shopping (a trip to nebraska always includes shopping). Then of course in the evening we grilled out and went and shot off our own fireworks. I just watched the fireworks this time around but we still had a lot of fun. Had a few close calls which always seems to happen when we shoot off fireworks but no injuries so that is what is really important. I so understand why fireworks are illegal where we live!
Thursday the boys all worked very hard moving things for Blaine's sister Alyson and her husband. They are moving and are storing things at Blaine's parents house in the mean time so the boys got to enjoy a day of hard work! While Blaine was hard at work I spent the day with Aly and the precious little Tempey! We ran a few errands and just enjoyed our time together! I love spending time with them... Aly and I never run out of things to talk about... She truly is that sister I never had and I am so blessed by that! Thursday afternoon Blaine's Aunt Vicki and grandma and grandpa arrived for their visit and we enjoyed a wonderful family dinner. It felt like Thanksgiving! We had turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and carol even made pistachio salad which is always a holiday favorite. It was literally like we had fast forwarded to November! We were just missing Baby Peyton!
Friday we spent the day enjoying time with Blaine's grandparents. And of course had to get our fix of the classic Nebraska restaurants that we always visit. So it was Runza for lunch and then a yummy trip to Dairy Queen to follow! We also got to enjoy sometime with a few of Blaine's friends from high school/camp friday evening. And of course another evening of grilling out. It was a relaxing and enjoyable day just getting to spend time with family!
Saturday was the big day! We got up and around and off to Baby Peyton's first baby shower! It was so wonderful for so many wonderful ladies to gather together and celebrate Peyton's upcoming birth and she was spoiled for sure! It makes me feel very blessed to know that while I may not personally know a lot of these women their are so many of them praying for us and our little family! One of my favorite parts had to be when one of Blaine's mothers small group women read up a devotional she had written for Peyton based off of her name. It was so sweet, Blaine's mother Carol was crying by the end of it! But it really was so sweet and I plan to keep it in her Baby Book so that she can see it one day! Everything was just wonderful and we had such a great time just fellowshipping and celebrating baby Peyton!

I have seen these done before but I just love them and was so happy to see one at my shower!! 

This Cake was so cute! It matched the invitations! And my goodness it was Delicious! 

Aunt Vicki bought this outfit shortly after Blaine and I got married over two years ago and has been hanging on to it until we had a baby girl! So cute! Can't wait to put Peyton in it for football season! 

Well of course since I was surrounded by the Nebraska Fans I had to have some Nebraska gear for Peyton too! We'll be cheering on both teams this season!

Alyson and Thea enjoying the shower!

Probably one of my favorite gifts! Thea had these made for me because she knows how much I love John Deere! Its a super cute taggie blanket and she also had three really awesome burp rags made with the same material! 

Alyson made this quilt for baby Peyton! I plan to try my hand at this quilt myself one day but we shall see! 

Those are just a few of the pictures from the shower but I didn't want to completely overload you. LOL!!! After the shower on Saturday we said goodbye to Aunt Vicki and grandma and grandpa and just enjoyed the rest of the evening hanging out with the family. We went out for a wonderful dinner and all went to bed early because the week was finally catching up with us!! 
Sunday we spent 7 hours in the car and arrive home in the evening happy to have had such a wonderful trip but happy to be home! 

Sorry this post is so long but it was such a fun and wonderful trip to just spend time with family and its our last one before Peyton's arrival so I wanted to make sure and document it! Now its time to finish prepping the house and organize all the wonderful gifts we were blessed with and just patiently waiting for her arrival!!!