Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family of Four

Well its official we are a family of four! We now have an adorable little puppy names Gibbs and he is so much fun! It's def. a challenge and probably helping prepare us for children and the joy of getting up in the middle of the night! But we are loving every minute of it! Bella is not the biggest fan of the new pup but she is adjusting and they co-exsist pretty well. She def. doesn't run and hide thats for sure so they are pretty entertaining. So our family of four is pretty fun and we are very blessed! It has been a challenging couple of weeks with work and sickness and a death in the family. But through it all I have done my best to think of all the blessings in my life and remember that this too shall pass and god has a bigger plan for us all. Well that is my short little update of our new family but I'll leave with you a picture of the newest member of our family and i'm going to get back to my nice relaxing saturday with my hubby and the pets!