Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lack of sick sleep

I don't why my body likes to be so difficult but it always seems to not want to let me sleep like I should especially when I am ill. My nose at this current moment hates the rest of my body and I am taking everything I know to take to reunite them as quickly as possible. But since I am troubled in the sleeping department I thought why not update the blog that i have neglected for the last couple of weeks. And sadly I must update that I have failed every single new years resolution! I tried but then it was like one day off and then it just never got back on track... maybe I'll try to restart once this illness is past me. However, I am proud to report that I have been very dedicated and successful in my 21 day fast from soda and sweets! It has been difficult and I pretty much crave something everyday but I fight the urge by eating fruit or something that has a bit of natural sugar in it. I just have to make it to MONDAY!! And then I will have survived the 21 day fast! And sadly I have nothing but pride to show for it. Yes I love what it has done for my will power and i truly have prayed for strength in times of real craving however I was slightly hopeful that just maybe I lose a couple of pounds with this change and then that would kick start me wanting to make it more and exercise and what have you. Well I fail... I lost maybe a pound and that is very saddening to me. Several years ago my mother dropped like 30 pounds just by giving up soda and doing simple stretches... but apparently I am not like my mother as much as I think at least in that sense. But at least I have broken my caffeine addiction which was a big goal and task! So I don't plan to go back to drinking a lot of soda and eating a lot of sweets but on occasion I will enjoy those bubbles and a soft goey brownie! Well I guess thats all for now I guess I'll try to sleep... maybe in the recliner will help but we shall see.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1

Well I think I would classify week one as a success even though it was not 100%. My fast is def. a success I have not had sweets or soda for the entire week... it has been difficult but I have done it! I have also done decently on my resolutions, we have gone to church and plan to this morning as well, I have read my bible everyday but one and plan to make up the reading today, but of course I failed at the working out. I had every intention of working out on thursday but something happened and I ended up with a rash and didn't think it was a good idea to sweat with it so we'll give the working out thing another go next week. I have decided that in order to really complete my resolutions I need to take the year a week at a time so that is what I plan to do. This week was pretty good and I hope that the weeks to come are just as good or even better! Blaine and I started looking at houses yesterday and it was so fun and exciting! We are really in agreement with what we are looking for and we are so pleased with the realtor we are using because she did a great job finding things that have all our criteria so now its just about finding the right one. We looked at 6 houses three were great three not so much but nothing was the one so the search continues and we are excited!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Before Week 1

So were in week one of the new year but since its only Monday I don't really have much to update about my resolutions although I have so far been successful at attending church (it was a great service) and reading my bible and praying! These two resolutions really are the most important so I'm pretty proud of myself! The workout is on the schedule... and being a better housekeeper... well I'm still working on it but so far I'm not being all that successful... I think this may be the hardest one for me to achieve... It's just not in my blood people. So if my resolutions are off to a slow start and I don't have a lot to update why I am.... well its because of that wonderful church service I went to yesterday. In honor of the New Year our church did a sermon all about putting God First in everything we do. We should put him first in our day, in our week, in our month, and even in our Year. And to achieve the Year our church has decided to partake in a 21 day fast. Now this is not 21 days of eating nothing (obviously not a good idea) but instead there are a variety of different fasts. The staff at church along with several others I'm sure they are partaking in what is called a Daniel Fast because its what Daniel did in the bible but it basically means all you eat is fruits, veggies, and juices... no meat and no Dairy.... this would be very difficult for me and since I've never done a fast before I've decided to not start off that extreme. Instead I'm going to fast from Soda and from sweets. Now this is going to be a HUGE Challenge!! I love sweet things and have a sweet tooth that gets me every time but even more then that I am addicted to caffeine... A few days without caffeine and I have a headache that makes me want to cry... this is not good and a habit I've tried to break several times so I hope with the whole church behind me and in this together I can break that habit and succeed in this 21 day fast... WHICH STARTS TODAY!!! So no worries I enjoyed a rt 44 vanilla Dr.Pepper yesterday hopefully that will get me through the 21 days... I'll keep you updated!