Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Peyton's 1st Oklahoma Christmas!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Its full of family, friends, laughter, good food, and of course our lord and savior! It just really doesn't get any better... or so I thought. I have always LOVED giving gifts... recieving is nice too but I am a gift giver. I spend weeks trying to pick the perfect gift for each person on my list because I want everyone to be super excited and happy! But this year it was a little different. I still wanted everyone to be happy and get good gifts but really all I cared about was having wonderful gifts for my little baby! And yes I know she won't remember it but I will and I have pictures to look back at for a lifetime! I am so excited for the years to come because I know Christmas morning will just get more and more fun! This year she may not have really been able to open gifts or really even know what was going on but she was sooo cute and attentive and happy! She would pull the paper if you put it in her hand just a little, she looked at every gift as you pulled it out and the ones that lit up and made noise she really watched. 

She was just so cute and happy all day and for that I am so very thankful... it was a day full of few naps so the fact that she was in a good mood is a blessing!

We started our day at the Jones' opening gifts with them which is always super fun! Their girls are older so they get super excited! Zoe Squealed so loud when she opened the gift from us... it was so cute! We love spending our holidays with our extra family :) I've been doing it for so long its really hard to remember a time when my christmas mornings didn't start out over there. Then we made our way to Grandma Hibbs house and spent the day surrounded by our family. Its funny to see how the famiy has come full circle. I'm the youngest out of the grandchildren so I dont remember seeing a bunch of kids all running around at grandmas but now that there are three great grandchildren that are that super fun age its funny to think how we went so long without little kids running around and now here we are again! Someone comments everytime were all together thats its so nice to see the little kids in the house again. One downside to this fact is that we are running out of living room space LOL!

 There was barely a walking path left once all the presents were under the tree it was crazy! But super fun! In our family if you under the age of 16 then you get gifts from the family but once you turn 16 then you go into the white elephant. This helps with the costs of christmas because it keeps people from feeling obligated to get each person a gift. Plus its a hilarious game when you're playing with my family! Although I will say it was a pretty calm year this year. So the kids open first and then go on their way and the adults play our white elephant game. Peyton was napping during the kids present opening so we did it all for her and then she of course woke up right as it was time for the white elephant and wanted to eat so Blaine had to help me out a bit LOL! It really was my idea of the perfect christmas! After it was all said and done we got all packed up to come home and now we are preparing for the trip to Nebraska to have yet another Christmas celebration with Blaine's side of the family. Just thinking about all the family we get to spend time with over the holidays makes me realize yet again how blessed we are and how blessed Peyton is to have all these people surrounding her, encouraging her, loving her, supporting her, and praying her from the very beginning of her life! I really couldn't ask for anything else! So I hope all of you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas full of family and friends and laughter like we did because it truly is the best gift of the season and its all because of what Jesus did for us that its even possible and that is the greatest blessing of all!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 months

I'm pretty sure I say this every month but it is so true... I can't believe she's already 3 months old! The time is flying by and I just want to slow it down so I can hold on to every precious second of her life!! So much has changed in the last 3 months... not neccessarily material things, or lifestyle changes but more like personality changes I guess. Everything is just different now that we have her and I wouldn't trade the world for it. She is growing so fast and changing a little everyday!! She roll from her belly to her back now which officially she means she rarely gets tummy time because if she doesn't want to be on her belly she just rolls over LOL! She is holding her head up SOO good... its still a little wobbly after she gets tired but she is getting really good at it! She is smiling up a storm, she really is just a happy little baby and she lets you know that with all her wonderful grins! She even laughed for us the other day! It was just a little laugh and we haven't been able to repeat it since but I was so excited and it was the cutest noise I have ever heard in my entire life! She really does amaze us everyday and can brighten any day with one little smile! People always tell you that you can't understand it until you have children of your own... and it turns out they were right... I've never loved anything or anyone as much as I love that little girl! I just can't get enough! So in honor of her being 3 months old and super cute here are some pictures that we took of her! 

How can you not just smile at that face!!! She is so funny! 

BIG Yawn!! 

She loves looking at the Christmas lights!

Trying to be artsy! I love the look of the Christmas light glow!

She loves her Bumbo!! So sweet!

Sweet baby girl!! 

I told you... cutest thing ever!! I just can't get enough! I can't believe that its already been 3 months since she came into my world! I look forward to the next 3 months even though I wish she could stay my little baby forever!