Sunday, September 26, 2010

Budgets Budgets Budgets

Well its happening... we are pledging to Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University on tuesday. We have already made our budget for October... hehe I like being a step ahead! I'm super excited to learn how to get out of debt as fast as possible cause I hate paying my student loans every month so the faster they are gone the happier I will be! Its all about choices i think... do i buy that new shirt I want or put more toward my loan... do i go out to lunch everyday or do i put that extra money into saving for our first home... all about choices! I think he theory though cause it still allows for freedom and enjoying little things but its all in moderation! I dont know that we'll actually go to an all Cash system but we will track and budget every dime! I'm excited about the thought of being debt free in the next couple of years and being able to save and buy our first home in that time frame too. We originally had plans to possibly buy a home next summer but at this point its looking like we'll be waiting a little longer so that we can build up that savings account. Plus I think we would both feel so much better if all my student loans were paid off before we added a house payment on to that. It's an exciting time here in the Finley home and we are so happy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Last few weeks

Well I haven't written in the last few weeks mainly because its been entirely too hard and since i seem to cry at the drop of a hat I knew that blogging would put me into hysterics. But we're gonna try this and see if i can make it through without completely losing it.
So today is Sirus' (my nephew) birthday... I can't believe he is already 2! But its going to be a bittersweet and very emotional day for us. You see for the last two weeks or so his mother hasn't allowed us to see him and has completely ignored all of our many attempts to get in contact with them. She has decided to file for full custody so that Harley only gets visitations and is refusing to let us have him in the mean time. And its a big tangled mess that has us all jacked up. I've been in a weird place since all of this has happened. No matter what I'm doing or who i'm with I'm thinking about it all and if anything at all about it spoken outloud tears come to my eyes. We love that little boy so much and have so much to give to him it absolutely breaks my heart that she is trying to do this when we have done nothing wrong. It just all has brought back so many old emotions from when we fought for Kata and lost that it has my whole family tore up. every conversation we have some how involves Sirus and if there is any new news about the whole situation. But she finally called yesterday and agreed to let us come and see him today... at a specific time.... sadly this is the same time that Michelle's baby shower starts. Luckily I have the most fantastic and support friends in the whole world so I'm gonna go see my little boy long enough to give him his present... hug his neck... and tell him I love him because sadly I dont know when I'll be able to do that again. (failed tears have began) And then i'll go to the baby shower and finish things up.... I feel terrible that its all happened on the same day at the same time but I am so so so thankful that God has answered a small portion of our prayers and is letting us see him today... although I am worried she won't show or she'll be super late as usual and I won't get to see him cause i have other obligations and can't wait around all day for her to finally show... So at this point I'm praying for the best and that just maybe once she sees us all with him she will realize what she is keeping him from and will stop being so petty.
Ok well there is my sad story of why i have been in a funk... so if you have seen or talked to me in the last two weeks and have thought to yourself... she seems weird... something is wrong with her... or anything of that nature... now you know why. Prayers are always appreciated and very much needed at this point. Now off to finish babyshower stuff before going to see my little boy... its gonna be a long emotional day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where the Wind comes sweeping down the plain

We have spent the weekend at the Farm and I could not be more relaxed and happy. This week was long and difficult and I was so ready for some relaxing and the farm always does the trick. We've done some work and but all that matters is that its beautiful outside and there is no crazy phone calls or children... no traffic noise... nothing but piece and quite.... I've been watching birds and playing with the dog... watching the wind blow like crazy but enjoying every moment. It amazes me how much I can enjoy just sitting and doing nothing but up here that is what I love the best. All my childhood memories are in this place... where i learned to cook, where i learned to ride a bike, ride a fourwheeler, build a fence, feed a cow, and so so much more. I can't even begin to describe how much this place means to me and how blessed I am to have it to come to when the world gets crazy. It's our family's little piece of paradise! I am so glad that I married a man who loves and appreciates it as much as I do. That was always something that was really important to me, that my husband would enjoy this place as much as I did cause its possible that one day it will be partly ours. And from the very first time I brought Blaine here he talked about how much he loved it and how he loves the fact that one day it could be ours and i knew the first time he told me that that he was perfect in everyway! Aww... this is just kinda rambling but I just love this place so much and I hope to make a lot more time to come up here cause we dont get to come up here nearly enough.... Well thats all... I love this place... I love my family (Both of them)... I love my life! God has blessed me greatly!