Friday, December 31, 2010


As I sit here sipping some bubbly and watching the new year's celebration on TV I am reflecting on all of the amazing things that happened to me this year. Of course the biggest blessing of all this is was when I got to marry my very Best Friend! I have been so blessed with an amazing Husband and I am so excited to see what 2011 has in store for us. This year also held great things like Blaine graduating from College... Both of us starting jobs that we enjoy... and my Job has brought me some amazing people that I couldn't imagine not having now! I learned alot about myself in 2010 and I can't wait to learn even more in 2011! Oh and I can't forget my furry blessing of 2010... my adorable Kitty Bella!!! Blaine and I's first pet and she is like a kid for us... I love her!!! So it's pretty obvious... 2010 has been pretty amazing... I've had a lot of firsts and did a lot of traveling and just had a blast every step of the way I mean hey this was the first year in I can't even count how long that I didn't go to school!!! This entire year was school free... WEIRD but wonderful!

So now that we've reviewed 2010 lets look forward to 2011! First and foremost we are super excited to begin the process of finding our first home and will hopefully be in our first home by April! I hope to enjoy life a little and really the little things for the blessings they can be! Now I usually don't do New Year's resolution but this year I decided it would be a good way for me to set some goals for myself and track my progress! And of course I will use this blog to do it! So here's my goals... and I plan to Blog my progress once a week!
  • Workout at least once a week
  • Go to Church EVERY Week!
  • Read my Bible EVERY Day!
  • Be a Better House Keeper!
So those are my goals and I will keep you updated on how they go! Also I am going to try the project 365 on facebook starting tomorrow so look for lots of pictures!

PS - I just watched New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys preform together on the new years eve show from New york and it makes me feel super old! Those are the boy bands from when i was a kid... I should not be old enough to say that!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

First Married Christmas

Well we enjoyed a wonderful week in steamboat springs colorado with Blaine's side of the family. It was an awesome trip just relaxing and playing in the snow... oh and skiing for the rest of them. I am officially a ski school drop out but at least i tried I just didn't like it. But the trip was awesome. Every time I get to spend time with his side of the family I realize even more how blessed I am by the family I gained when I got married. I am so blessed by both sides of my family and I love it. We got back to OKC early afternoon on Christmas Eve and finished the dreaded shopping... I know I'm such a procrastinator. But it was pretty painless so no worries and everyone was very happy with their gifts. Then blaine and I decided to start our own tradition so we went to papa murphy's and got a great big pizza then came home opened our stockings (the only gifts we did this year) and then watch the nightmare before christmas while eating our yummy pizza! I think its a great tradition and I hope we continue it. At least until children our around because then we'll have to leave the stockings for christmas morning. But in my house we always opened a small gift on christmas eve so that will probably continue in our home later on in life. Then we got up christmas morning and started off for all the stops we had to make. We went to the Jones' and enjoyed a christmas morning with my favorite adopted family!! Always fun and always memorable! Then to my parent's house to enjoy christmas with my little family! Mom and Dad got me a CHI!! So excited! And Blaine got a induction charging pad for the wii motes which he is super excited about! Then off to grandma's for the usual yummy food and white elephant (dirty santa)! It was a great christmas!!! I even got to see my nephew Sirus which was probably my favorite part of the day! But the biggest Blessing of the day... A very generous inheritance that sealed the dream of Blaine and I buying a home in the spring... our goal for a down payment has been met and now everything else we save is all the better!!! So excited!!! I think that was the best gift because it put our dream into reality!! After the first we're gonna start the search with a realtor! So come april we will hopefully be HOMEOWNERS!!! So exciting! I am so very blessed with the family I have - both sides! Now I am preparing myself for a big change next christmas. We will more than likely spending next christmas in Nebraska with Blaine's side of the family which of course I will love but it will be the first time in my life I am not with my side of the family and its going to be very strange and a little bittersweet. But I am blessed by both sides of the family and I know no matter what side of the family we are celebrating with we are surrounded by a family that loves us and that is really what matters.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the Season

Well Christmas time is here!!! Only a little over a week until the big day and I am so happy!! However sadly I'm excited because it means its vacation time not because of christmas! LOL!! I think the fact that Bella destroyed our christmas tree has made it difficult for me to get in the christmas spirit not mention the un-godly amount of stress I've been dealing with at work! Moses it has got to get better at some point.... right? But if I can make it through the next few days and some how manage to get everything on my to do list done then it will be time for VACATION and I am so excited!!! I've never been skiing and although i'm really not excited for the actual skiing and I am super excited to go to Colorado again and get to spend some time with Blaine's side of the family!! Which gets me to my soap box for the day.... It bothers me when married couples refer to their families as his and hers... I know it's probably silly but I have always felt like when two people got married they were merging their families as well. So its OUR family just with His side and her side to keep things straight. And that really how I feel... when Blaine and I got married his family became my family and vice versa and I am very blessed because of it! I love both sides of my very LARGE family and I thank god everyday for the blessing he has given me with all of them. Ok thats my soap box for the day. I'm sure when i get back from Colorado I'll have a super long post with pictures about how awesome the trip was and how wonderful christmas was with both sides of the family! So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!