Friday, April 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Man I never thought a house that wasn't even our three weeks ago could feel like Home already!! Its amazing and I love it! I know I need to get some pictures up we've just been focused on getting everything else done but I think were about done with all the decorating (for now) so hopefully this weekend I can get some pictures taken and up! But we absolutely love being in our house! I love working in the yard! And I never thought I would say it but I actually kinda enjoy cleaning the house! My house has stayed clean for an entire two weeks since we've moved in and got it cleaned up from moving... I can't believe! I will be the first to admit that I am not the best housekeeper in the world but something has flipped in my head because now I won't go to bed with dishes in the sink, i wipe down the kitchen everyday I always keep the living room picked up... I keep up with laundry... It's weird but I love it!! I could have people just pop in and I wouldn't be mortified that my house was a mess! Now if only my husband had made this same switch in his brain... nope I have to pick up after him but hopefully he'll catch up LOL!!! I know wishful thinking!! Well thats my little update. We love being homeowners, I love having a beautiful Clean house, and I can't wait to have my whole family on Monday for a birthday gathering and so they can all see the new place! I'm super excited to show everyone our new home and to cook for my family! I'm so much like my grandma its scarry! LOL!! Oh well I love it!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wow what a weekend it has been and the next few weeks are going to be just as crazy! We officially have moved and are living in our new home! I love it! I love everything about it! And the best part is its ours!! It was a long morning saturday getting it all moved and we've been getting stuff unpacked and what have you all day but its been great. There are still a few odds and ends at the old place that we need to get and we still have the lovely task of getting it all clean but we have till the 22nd to turn in our keys so we have time. I think my favorite part was working out in the yard today... it was so beautiful this evening that I watered all our plants while Blaine mowed and it was just so great! I can't wait to really get going on our flower beds and just being able to look at all the prettiness and saying... Hey I did that!!! Its just been such a blessed weekend and I know that without God we would have never been able to do this and I'm so very very thankful for that!!! I Hope to get some pictures once we get everything all set up and cleaned up.... which considering my Mother-in-law and another guest will be here Thursday... will be by then! LOL!! Like a said a long couple of weeks but I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Its official... we are homeowners!! I can't believe it!!! It was such a smooth process and I am so thankful for that. I have heard so many horror stories about closing on a house and all the things that can happen so I super nervous all the way up to closing but it was smooth sailing and we are so Thankful! God has truly Blessed us through this whole process and with this home!!! We became the painting yesterday beginning with the dining room ceiling. They had all the rooms and ceiling all one color (in each room) however for the kitchen and dining room I thought that having yellow walls and ceilings was a little bit too much so we painted the ceiling white and began the walls in the pretty yellow! So excited! I have been dreaming of a Yellow Kitchen for as long as I can remember... i know its strange but thats the one thing I have always known i've wanted. So its finally coming true and I'm so happy!!! Today a bunch of our wonderful friends and family are coming to help paint the remaining rooms that we are doing at this point. We decided to paint the kitchen and dining room, the master and master bath. There is a guest room that is dark blue that we want to paint as well but since its going to be the extra extra room we decided it could be a weekend project once we get all moved and settled. And the entry way is possibly getting painted in that weekend project but we'll see I'm waiting to see if the red color it is now will grow on me... but i'm not so sure LOL!!! So it shall be a long day of painting but I'm sure it'll be fun with all our friends and family there to help. The only down side is the fact that The water got shut off before we were able to get it switched into our name and when we called it was too close to closing time that they wouldn't let us set it up so we are without water till Monday... LAME! Should be pretty interesting! Well I'm off to take a little nap before all the painting... up early to see Blaine off since he is driving to KS city today with my dad to pick up our entertainment center that his grandparents gave us. So now i need a nap before all the painting.