Saturday, November 13, 2010

A New Journey

Well it's official I am now a Premier Jeweler! I signed all the paperwork today and I am super excited for my training show on thursday. Premier is a solid christian company that has been in business for 25 years and has blessed the lives of many families because there main goal is to be blessing to their sellers. I know that Blaine and I will be blessed through this opportunity but I am nervous all the same. I always get nervous when new things emerge in my life and this of course is no different. There is a bit of an investment involved which raises the stakes a little but I am confident that I can easily earn back that investment so that this can then become a way for us to save for our dream of becoming home owners in the spring. And one day it will allow me to stay at home with our future children instead of having to put them in child care. All these things make me so excited to start selling Premier Jewelry besides the fact that I LOVE their product! They are amazing pieces that I love to wear and I'm excited to share that with others! So if any of you out there in Blog land is ever interested in hosting a jewelry show I am here and will be happy to come do a show for you! But now I will pray and trust that god is going to provide in this new journey and truly Bless us once again!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I have been reading lots of blogs all about these women who craft or cook amazing meals all the time and still have full time jobs and it makes me wonder how they have all that time. When i get home all i feel like doing is throwing some food together and relaxing but I decided that my life is entirely too boring so i'm gonna try to become crafty. My first craft attempt was a wreath to hang on our front door at christmas... so far I'm very happy with it but its not quite perfect yet and now i'm going to make a christmas card holder. I found it online and I'm super excited. I bought the ribbon today and I think its gonna look awesome!!! And i've decided to learn how to make the really awesome bows for gifts... its something new for when i'm sick of the TV and the internet. Christmas time makes me so happy I love it... I have been having so much fun working on getting christmas gifts for everyone and deciding on small projects i can do for the smaller gifts to give people at work and such... Its gonna be a great holiday season and I'm so excited!!!