Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little bit this... A little bit of that...

So we finally hung up wedding pictures yesterday and I was so excited!! Our little apartment has so many walls though so there is still lots bare walls that need some sort of decor but slowly but surely we will get there. Friday was Blaine's birthday and unforunately I spent the day working on getting my classroom ready for the fall semester which starts monday. But Yesterday we celebrated by spending the whole day together and buying new fun things with the birthday money that my grandma sent him! YAY! So we are now completed addicted to Super Mario Brothers Wii! But at least its a game we can play together and since we down graded our cable there is never anything on tv anyway so its a new way to spend some time together! Lets see what else can I update on... I'm still working on getting my alternative certification hopefully I'll have everything complete and ready to go to send off this week. I'm still real nervous but the longer I go on in my current job the more i realize how badly i want this. I love my kiddos and I love watching them grow and change everyday since they are only 1 and that actually happens... and I love the lessons that this job has taught me that I will take with me when Blaine and I decide to have kids but with all that being said I so badly miss intelligent conversation throughout the day... I miss talking about science... I miss watching student learn science concepts and that look on their face when all the sudden it makes sense... I can't wait to have that again! So here's to hoping for good news quickly! On a another note we started working with the youth at church this past week... and I realized it has been far to long since I have done something like that... leading a small group of freshman is difficult and it has been so long since I've done it that I am a little rusty so many prayers are welcome so that God can give us the words we need to share christ with those kids in a way that will make sense to them. Ok well I think thats about it for now... but I may have a very interesting post later this week so be watching.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not so young anymore

So were down in Dallas for vacation/Quakecon. Quakecon is a computer gaming conference that many of our friends have gone to for years and Blaine has been dying to go so now that the wedding is out of the way and no more school to worry about we were able to come and enjoy a vacation and get him some gaming time... hopefully to last him for a while LOL! But now that were down here... and of course we are with quite of few younger people... like young college age people which are fantastic but just different for me these days. It make me realize that I'm not so young anymore... little crazy things that used to be hilarious and enjoyable aren't and now I'm just like wow you people are crazy... I love my life now but some days I miss the days of crazy fun that just made no sense and made people look at you like your crazy! Oh well time to enjoy more vacation... I plan to relax... shop... relax... oh and did I mention relax! WOOHOO!!!!