Saturday, March 26, 2011

One more week

Its hard to believe that this time next week we will be homeowners and we will be beginning the process of turning what once was someone elses home into a home of our own. We are going this morning to buy all the paint supplies we'll need for the big Paint Party next saturday! Thats right Paint Party... If were painting its gonna be fun so why not get some pizza and drinks and have a bunch of friends over blast the music and paint away!! It'll be fun and a great memory that we'll always have. I'm just so excited and feel so blessed that we've been able to do this whole thing. So many people I've talked to you are amazed that we are able to buy a house so early in our marriage and I just feel so blessed that this is the case. Could we have waited and saved even longer and what have you sure... but this was the choice for us and we are so excited!!! It's going to be so fun to decorate and make it our own and then to one day bring home a child of our own!! It just amazes me when i think about how fast things have changed and how we began our journey and where we are now. Five years ago if you would told me that in five years you'll be out of college, married, buying a house, and having baby fever I would have committed you into a mental hospital because you were crazy!!! And here I am doing all of those things and so blessed by it all.
On another note the custody battle that my brother has been in is finally coming to an end... they've worked with lawyers and what have you and have come to an agreement so very soon we will begin having our little boy back for visits and I could not be happier. I haven't seen him since Christmas and that breaks my heart! Its truly and answered prayer that is is finally all coming to an end!! THANK GOODNESS!!!
Well thats my life right now... thankful, happy, slightly stressed by work and packing, but if there wasn't a little stress in my life it just wouldn't be me LOL!! Now I'll leave you with a picture of our standing in front of our soon to be home!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY Dreams

There are so many blogs out there all about DIY projects and it makes me really want to try my hand at some of these projects which makes me even more anxious to get into our house so that I have a reason to do these projects! We are three weeks away from our closing date and we are so excited!! I just can't believe that before long we will be homeowners and we will really be able to make a home for ourselves and I am so excited!! And of course I already have lots of ideas on some projects that I would love to try to add special little touches to our home! And of course the outside of house is one part that I'm super excited about because with the help of my mom we are going to have a gorgeous garden and I can't wait. I think every time we talk she has a new plant idea... I think she's as excited as I am to make our garden beautiful! And the best part is she told me I could have some of my favorite flowers that I didn't think would work! :) Its gonna be great and I can't wait!! Changes Everywhere and lots of excitement along the way! Now here are a few projects that I can't wait to get my hands on!

How Beautiful is that! I just love the way it looks and I know that I can do that with a goodwill find and a can of spray paint!

GENIUS!!! Re-use the empty cereal box to make an awesome magazine holder or file holder for your office! I'm totally going to be doing this when I re-organize and decorate the office in the new house and I am so excited about it!

Those are just two of the projects that I am super excited about trying my hands on... yes they are super simple but since I am new at the whole DIY project I thought simple would be good to begin with! Of course there are lots of things that i think would be great that involves sewing but I am not a sewer... something I plan to learn but for now I'll stick to glue! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


WE CLOSE A MONTH FROM YESTERDAY!!! I can't believe it! A month from now we are going to be HOMEOWNERS!!! WOW I'm such a grown - up now LOL!!! We purchased our refridgerator and washer and dryer yesterday and set the delivery date... I started to have a small panic attack thinking about all the money that we have now and that a month from now we won't have anymore but I guess thats kind of the way it works even though I'd much rather have the house and still have all the money in the bank LOL!! Oh if only the world were like my dreams! I'm no longer drowning in paint colors instead I'm swimming slowly to the shore... hopefully soon i'll reach it. Now for the packing to begin and hopefully to keep the apartment clean for the next month so it will make life easier.... YEAH RIGHT!